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How relevant is pre-employment background screening in Nigeria today? Consider the following sobering cases:
Case 1: A banker was convicted of murder by a Lagos High Court for stabbing his wife severally leading to her death. Investigations revealed that the man had past records of violence which was not detected by his employers.
Case 2: A driver absconds with his masters children after 6 months on the job.
Case 3: A school teacher plans with friends to kidnap pupil. Police investigations after his arrest reveals that he had a criminal past which was not known at the time of recruitment into his last teaching job.

The above are just a few cases of violent and fraudulent employees who concealed their past and were recruited without the employer knowing only to find out later with great consequences.
Are you in the process of recruiting new employees? Or seeking to engage new business partners? Or seeking to engage new tenants into your property? Avoid negligent recruitment of employees, partners and tenants - know the background of your top applicants, business partnersand prospective tenants before making the decision for them to join your team! Save your company the negative effects of resume and job application fraud! Time spent in prevention with thorough candidate background checking will save you time, energy, and heartbreak. Employers need to screen employment applications to discern lying, exaggeration, enlargement of experience, education, and credentials. Fake degrees are on the rise, even bogus job experiences are prevalent in today’s job market place. Remember: the new employee’s past is your organization’s future! Protect your organization’s future!

Rossland Screening Solutions specializes in pre-employment screening and verification services offering this service to public and private organizations across sectors.Act now! Contact us for more information on how you can use our verification products to safeguard your company from fraudulent and violent employees, partners and tenants.

We offer the following verification services:
1) Criminal history check
2) Employment history verification
3) Education history verification
4) Character reference and suitability for hire
5) Personal reference verification
6) Driving history
7) Professional license verification
8) Terrorism watch-list check
9) Tenant history search
10) Address verification

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Act now! Request for our proposal and price list for the above verification products. Our reports are reader friendly and our prices are very reasonable. To ensure that we deploy global best practice in our work, we are proudly associated with the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS); we are international members of the NAPBS.



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